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The mobile application allows you to, for example, follow up tasks, bookings and work time tracking directly on a smartphone or tablet.

The mobile application shows in real-time to-do lists, task instructions, and the order of the assignments to the driver or technician. Changes to assignments, possible add-ons or notifications are also quick and easy to send to employees via the mobile app. Different systems and devices can be integrated into the system, for example temperature measurement, weighing or driving tracking. The system's automated job confirmations and task deviations saves a lot of working time of the employees.

Mobile work time tracking helps to record their work hours reliably and in a timely manner. The office is aware of which work sites the employees are working on, as the system runs in real time and is accurate. In addition, the system displays in real time when the job has been started and when it has been finished.

Our mobile application works with all modern Android and Windows based devices and the requirements, such as the employee authentication and software security lock, makes it a safe system to use. It has been built to have full offline functionalities to support in working areas without internet coverage.


TCS mobileThe system provides alert announcements of urgent and new posts or possible posts from the office. The user is always up to date, for example, in changes in the to-do list.


TCS mobileAn employee can indicate deviations that affect the normal handling of the task. A deviation can include, for example, broken waste containers or even an obstacle that blocks the way to the containers and can therefore not be accessed.

Map functions

TCS mobileThe easy-to-use map function accelerates the navigation to the customer and shows where the listed tasks are located. The system displays a variety of map material and floor plans.

features include:

  • Language Support (based on a login user)
  • Work time tracking
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Deviations (eg. car door lock broken / frozen, car in front / in way of container etc.)
  • Notifications to and from the office
  • Choice of equipment
  • Transport support (trailers, refrigerated transport, etc.)
  • Photo capture capture (for example of a broken object)
  • Breaks (eg. coffee break, forced break etc.)
  • Status of tasks
  • Map features
  • Possible amount changes
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Freight book functions
  • Transfer document functions and electronic signatures
  • Automatic updates
  • Time spent doing the job
  • Customer-tailored display / feature