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Along in customer digitalisation

Anticimex is an international provider of pest control, built environment and food hygiene. They are the only company in Finland who provides digital solutions in pest control with its own SMART system.

Ecomond's TCS system is integrated to function with Anticimex systems and software platforms. Information from remote surveillance and pest control is transmitted via Ecomond TCS to Anticimex service technicians who have real-time task lists for the necessary measures.

" TCS is the cornerstone of all our combat work out on the field. We make about 50,000 anti-countermeasures each year, and TCS brings the necessary efficiency and quality to our operations, which is a vital priority for our customers, " says Jussi Ylinen, Managing Director of Anticimex.


The aim is to increase fluency in reporting

Pest control management is an invisible activity for the customer, but in reality it is a highly regulated activity that involves a lot of guidance and reporting to the client and authorities. Previously, the pest control chain worked on paper forms and reports which included a lot of time consuming writing and filling in forms. Also the technicians' actions were recorded by hand, so, to know what to do next, the notes on previous steps needed to be carried along (a lot of paper and documents). The TCS system removes the paper reporting and eases on the workload.


All the information you need is always with you

The TCS system integrates seamlessly into Anticimex's own system and provides necessary task information to the service technicians. The system displays the most efficient task order and schedules the actions according to the given conditions. The technician does not have to rely on his own memory, as the system shows the whole history; what has been done, what traps and gears are used in the particular task and what will be the following steps. Since everything is electronic, the employee always has all the information he needs and the potential human error is significantly reduced.

Anticimex Ab
  • Founded in Sweden: 1934
  • Turnover: approximately 9.6 million EUR
  • Finland's Anticimex makes around 50,000 customer visits annually.
  • Operates in 17 countries
  • The parent company and its subsidiaries employs about 4 500 people internationally.

Aiming to increase fluency in reporting

The TCS system makes the workflow smooth and keeps the company and its employees up to date about the upcoming and implemented actions. The customer of Anticimex receives right away information about what has been done. Real-time task management system makes sure that the information of tasks carried out, reporting and billing is done without delay and without error.